California Pastor Speaks Out Against Being Forced To Aid In Abortion

The Conscience Protection Act, which was passed by the House last week, is of particular interest to pro-life activist, Jim Garlow. According to an article by The Daily Signal, he serves as pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, and as noted over the past several months, California has been forced to deal with government-mandated participation in abortion.

The passage of this bill will serve to protect individuals who are against abortion from forced involvement in the procedure. Bound4LIFE, a Christian pro-life organization, conducted an extensive interview with Garlow after the hearing to find out more about his stance on the issue and how he and his church are fighting to protect innocent lives.

Garlow discusses how he initially found out in 2014 that his church’s insurance program was covering abortion, and he was appalled by the notion of being forced to pay for something that he and his members so adamantly detest. This sparked his church to file a lawsuit against the State of California, and they have not looked back.

The California pastor testified in front of Congress last week and in brutally honest fashion, stated:

‘Let’s call it what it is: Abortion is dismembering a human being, ripping them to shreds. Innocent blood is flowing in the streets of our cities.’

This heinous practice is something that Garlow simply will not tolerate, and he hopes that people will be willing to follow what they know to be right and join in the fight against abortion.

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