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CAP Plays the Race Card on School Choice

The liberal organization, Center for American Progress (CAP), has always held radical views in regards to issues ranging from the environment to abortion and is now claiming that school vouchers are racist. The group released a report this week titled “The Racist Origins of Private School Vouchers,” and as National Review points out, this could not be further from the truth. After all, school vouchers are a part of school choice proposals that are designed to improve options for those most affected by poorly performing schools, many of which exist in areas with high minority populations.

But of course, the left wants to twist an advantageous program and turn anything supported by conservatives into something heinous. The fact is, however, that vouchers make a difference in the lives of minority students. One study conducted in New York City showed that minorities who received vouchers to attend private school were 35 percent more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than their public school-going peers.

Interestingly enough, some of CAP’s corporate sponsors take a very different position on school choice policies like voucher programs. For instance, Citi, Comcast, CVS, Walmart and Wells Fargo are all listed as CAP donors, but they also have records of supporting organizations that promote school choice. We have to wonder if these companies are paying attention to CAP’s race-baiting rhetoric.

In the midst of this, it is important to consider the benefits of school vouchers, such as an increase in educational opportunity, advancement of diverse populations, and granting further assistance to those who could not otherwise afford private school. Don’t let misinformation from the left persuade you to believe something that simply is not true.

Be sure to check out where all of the company’s in our database stand on the education issue to learn more.

  • Paul Raymond

    School choice isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Since it has federal funding attached to it, it’s still with strings attached, and we saw how well that worked with Race to the Top.

  • Original Anna

    In our area charter schools have been a God sent to our disadvantaged kids living under a disoriented school board that doesn’t care if the kids learn or not, the school board members are teachers who negotiate their own contracts and people needing a great experience on their resume for their career as one board member said to a reporter, of all people. For these kids it gets them out of a school district that barely graduates 52% of it’s kids. The state education sets the curriculum any way that matches the public schools but the city has poor teachers because they have to live within the school district instead of being pulled from all over the county to get the best teachers for the kids. The charter schools don’t restrict the teachers, they pull the best from the county and if they don’t work out, they are let go not kept on until retirement. Charter schools were allowed five years ago and really have been a God sent for the blacks and legal immigrants. Parents are lined up and more charter schools are going to be allowed by the state in the city. Charter schools end up in city schools the board closed and Catholic schools that were closed so they end up being neighborhood schools.

  • Whenever the left is losing on an issue, they pull out the race card. It’s the only tactic they have that works. But with over-use, it is becoming less effective.