Christmas Is The Season of Joy – Be Grateful, Always

Christmas Is The Season of Joy – Be Grateful, Always

Last week, we urged 2ndVote Americans to step up for the sake of our country and those who don’t understand God’s values. We were pretty hard on you because it’s been a tough year to be a traditional conservative. We also know that you care and that you want to do everything you can to maintain American values.

This week, as we consider Christ’s birth and what that means for every human being, we wanted to share an amazing example of putting others first.

If you follow the beauty pageants, you may know that Miss Jamaica won the Miss World competition earlier this month. However, it was Miss Nigeria – the loser of the competition – who dominated social media and news headlines last week because she spent 29 seconds showing unadulterated love and support for the woman who beat her for the crown.

Miss Nigeria’s amazing grace cannot be described in words. It must be seen:

Like Christ, Miss Nigeria came from a modest position. She doesn’t get the prestige or money that the Miss World winner receives, just as Christ was born without the trappings of wealth. But just as Christ poured out love for us, Miss Nigeria became a worldwide sensation by showing nothing but love for a woman who seconds earlier had been her competitor.

This week, spend time with the ones you love and just be one with Christ. Next week, we’re all back to the grindstone, so please take this week to relax, recharge, and come back stronger in 2020.

We will keep you all in prayer. Please do the same for us.