CNN Promotes Slanderous SPLC List

CNN Promotes Slanderous SPLC List

“This is CNN going utterly insane,” says Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center.

Yesterday, CNN published the Southern Poverty Law Center’s misleading list of “hate groups,” a propaganda piece that has been used to smear conservative organizations and has inspired violent attacks. The list equates organizations like Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the American Family Association with actual “hate groups” simply because SPLC disagrees with the policy positions of these organizations. [article continues below]

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In 2012, a gunman injured a security guard while attempting to gain access to FRC’s headquarters in Washington, DC. The suspect later told FBI investigators that he targeted FRC because it was listed as an “anti-gay group” by SPLC and “planned to kill as many people as possible and then to smear the [Chick-fil-A] sandwiches on their faces as a political statement.”

In a more recent incident, LifeSiteNews reported the gunman who wounded U.S. Representative Steve Scalise in June had “liked” SPLC’s Facebook page, in addition to other leftist groups.

CNN originally ran the list under the headline “Here are all the active hate groups where you live,” which has since been changed to “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups.” The piece has also been edited to remove the list with this note:

Editor’s Note: The headline on this story has been changed to more closely align with the content of the piece, which clearly indicates that the data on hate groups is from the Southern Poverty Law Center. This story has also been updated to provide direct links to the full list from the SPLC as opposed to publishing the entire list here.

Obviously, publishing SPLC’s politically motivated list that aims to slander conservative organizations was an unwise decision on CNN’s part. However, the editors at CNN only had to look back to June of this year to realize why promoting SPLC’s propaganda is controversial.

Earlier this summer, Guidestar’s non-profit database added SPLC’s “hate group” tag to a number of organizations’ profiles before being forced to retract by the immediate backlash from conservatives.

Gainor further explained his quote above, “They (CNN) are serving as a platform for a radical left-wing hate group that exists solely to bash conservatives.”

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