CNN’s Donna Brazile Scandal; Where Does the Network Stand on the Issues?

Earlier this week, CNN president Jeff Zucker called former political contributor Donna Brazile “disgusting” and “unethical” for providing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with leaked questions before debates. The network “severed ties” with Brazile, who currently serves as the interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, after emails released by Wikileaks appeared to show her collaboration with the Clinton campaign.

Some commentators have suggested that the Brazile leak confirms speculation that CNN operates with a liberal bias. New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin alleged in a recent article that “CNN still shows no curiosity about whether anyone else participated in the scam.”

Our research shows that CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, does indeed skew to the left on several issues. For example, Time Warner has sponsored events for organizations that advocate for sanctuary city policies. Time Warner has also supported liberal LGBT groups that stand against religious liberty protections and environmental organizations that call for cap-and-trade legislation.

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