Coca-Cola Losing Market Share

2nd Vote takes a look at Coca-Cola’s recent business strategy and support of liberal causes.

Coca-Cola scores poorly on conservative issues, and according to the Wall Street Journal today, Americans have been drinking less Coke for 13 years straight. In the past year alone, Coke’s U.S. soda volume dropped two percent; the kicker is that rather than adjusting business strategy by moving away from sugary drinks, the beverage maker is instead boosting advertising for its namesake brand.

That brand unfortunately doesn’t score well with 2nd Vote. With a score of 1.5, Coke is rated as a Liberal company. According to our research, Coke partners with organizations that support abortion and matches employee gifts to Planned Parenthood. Coke is a Gold Partner of the Human Rights Campaign and received a 100 on the HRC’s “Buyer’s Guide.” Coke also partners with liberal environmentalist groups that support extreme policies such as cap-and-trade. That’s three issues – life, marriage and environment – on which Coke has directly donated to the liberal agenda.