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Come See 2ndVote At Values Voter Summit!

The 2018 Values Voter Summit kicks off today. Thousands of people will come to Washington, D.C. to hear how social conservatives can help restore America to its traditional values.

2ndVote is proud to be part of VVS 2018 in support of the Family Research Council (FRC). FRC is one of America’s top groups in support of unborn life, religious liberty, and marriage. When so many institutions are abandoning traditional values, FRC has stood strong. When a security guard was shot by a deranged man who used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” to find FRC headquarters, Tony Perkins and his team didn’t back down.

2ndVote and other FRC allies are at VVS to rally, to be inspired, and to find ways to work together in support of America’s most hallowed beliefs and traditions. We hope you’re here, and if you are, be sure to say hi to 2ndVote Executive Director Robert Kuykendall at our booth!

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