Common Core Costs Billions, And Educational Advancements

Many Common Core supporters, who were completely onboard with the program originally, are now admitting to its failures, including former Bush admin assistant secretary of education, Diane Ravitch. The program, which was developed as a way to improve the achievement gap, has accomplished little it set out to do. For the first time in over two decades, National Assessment of Educational Progress (N.A.E.P.) math scores have decreased and reading scores have seen a similar decline.

Common Core not only has N.A.E.P. testing as evidence of its failures but also an ACT study finding that the national standards leave students completely unprepared for college. The real catch may be the fact that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (who practically single-handedly funded the advancement of Common Core) has admitted to the program’s failing tendencies.

It should be alarming to leaders, educators and parents across the United States to see proven decreases in test scores for the first time in years and for college professors to admit that students are growing incapable of certain necessary skills.

The amount of taxpayer money that has gone into funding the implementation of Common Core is outlandish. A New York Times article states:

“The federal government, states and school districts have spent billions of dollars to phase in the standards, to prepare students to take the tests and to buy the technology needed to administer them online. There is nothing to show for it.

Something has to change, as we cannot continue offering a failed educational program to the next generation of leaders.

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