Companies Attack Religious Liberty; Still Operate in Countries with Poor Human Rights Records


Just a few weeks ago PayPal joined the misinformation campaign against North Carolina’s HB 2 and announced the cancellation of plans to build an operations center in Charlotte. At that time, 2nd Vote covered the blatant hypocrisy of the announcement because the payment processing company was still actively pursuing new business initiatives in Cuba, a communist dictatorship with an extremely poor record on human rights.

Today, The Daily Signal has published a list of 16 corporations that have publicly attacked measures in Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina that would protect religious liberty and small businesses in those states. Furthermore, The Daily Signal says, “[S]everal of the most vocal companies that say they stand with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans also operate in countries with troubling human rights records, including places where homosexuality can result in a death sentence.”

Below is the entire list compiled in the piece; the companies in 2nd Vote’s database are hyperlinked to their scorepage for more background information on where they stand on all the issues:

 1. Unilever
2. Microsoft
3. Intel
4. Live Nation
5. The Weinstein Co.
6. AMC Networks Inc.
7. Time Warner
8. The Walt Disney Co.
9. General Electric Co.
10. The Coca-Cola Co.
11. PayPal
12. Salesforce
13. Apple Inc.
14. The National Basketball Association
15. Netflix
16. Sony

You can read the article in its entirety here.

None of the companies listed responded to The Daily Signal’s request for comment. 2nd Vote will continue to monitor this story to see if any will clarify their positions or correct the record.

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