Companies Continue to Move to North Carolina Despite HB2

Companies continue to flock to North Carolina despite threats from other corporations to boycott the state over HB-2. You may remember how liberal companies like PayPal and others organized by EqualityNC helped spread misinformation about the common-sense safety measures and religious liberty protections provided by the legislation. PayPal even cancelled plans to expand in the Charlotte area and the NBA moved the league’s All-Star game to another state.

But surprisingly enough, Governor Pat McCrory has continued to welcome new jobs and investments from across traditional and emerging industries. “Our manufacturing sector in particular is firing on all cylinders as both national and international companies recognize our world-leading business climate,” the Governor reported.

Among the many companies flocking to North Carolina, a few big names stand out. RedState reported that companies such as Pepsi Bottling Ventures, LendingTree, and Yokohama Tire Corporation have decided to plant its roots in North Carolina, bringing millions to the local economy.

These large corporations only see how the state can help them and their search for a comfortable tax rate and a positive business climate, regardless of the controversy surrounding HB2.

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