Company Contrast: Duke’s vs. Hellmann’s

Company Contrast: Duke’s vs. Hellmann’s

Each week, 2ndVote carefully examines various companies and evaluates their alignment with our values. Through our series, Company Contrast, we highlight companies that either exemplify or fall short of these values and provide alternatives for those looking to make informed choices. This week, we turn our attention to Duke’s Mayonnaise (3.00), as we reflect on their business practices in relation to our values.



In the realm of gastronomy, where flavors collide and palates rejoice, one condiment stands as the undisputed champion of creamy indulgence: mayonnaise. With its velvety texture and irresistible taste, mayonnaise has conquered the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts around the globe. When you stroll down the condiment aisle during your grocery shopping, you might face an array of mayo options. However, selecting a mayo condiment that aligns with your values and culinary aspirations is crucial. Like a culinary maestro, Duke’s Mayonnaise (3.00) is a beacon of excellence amidst the vast selection. At Camp Sevier in 1917, the Duke’s Mayonnaise legacy began with Eugenia Duke of Greenville, SC. She made sandwiches in her home kitchen to sell to army canteens during WWI, and with its’ enduring legacy, Duke’s Mayo remains an iconic and beloved brand that captivates taste buds. Even under the ownership of Falfurrias Capital Partners (3.00), Duke’s stands tall, delighting and tantalizing palates as it has done for generations. Based on our research, Duke’s scored a 3.00 in all categories of issues we score on. No information indicated advocacy for or against any of our scorable issues. Neutral is a good thing! 

When selecting a mayo company, examining their stance on important issues is crucial. A prime example is Hellmann’s (1.59), a widely recognized brand. However, it’s important to remember that popularity alone does not guarantee a company’s quality or alignment with your values. Our assessment of Hellmann’s reveals a concerning score, indicating a value disparity. Specifically, we have reservations about a policy associated with their parent company, Unilever (1.36). They are a corporate partner of Population Services International (PSI), a worldwide organization that promotes and provides abortions. We recommend that you refrain from supporting them until they improve their score. We encourage you to voice your concerns to Hellmann’s & Unilever on their individual pages.

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