Company Contrast: ProFlowers vs. UrbanStems

Company Contrast: ProFlowers vs. UrbanStems

Each week, 2ndVote Carefully examines various companies, evaluating their alignment with our values. Through our series, Company Contrast, we highlight companies that either exemplify or fall short of these values and provide alternatives for those looking to make informed choices. This week, we turn our attention to ProFlowers (3.00) and the impact of their business practices on our values. 


Company Contrast


With Valentine’s Day approaching, many are searching for the ideal gift for their loved ones who appreciate flowers. We want to suggest a place to shop that not only fits all your needs but also aligns with your values! We feel that ProFlowers does just that!  They are a an e-commerce flower retailer that sells products shipped from growers, suppliers and its own distribution facilities to consumers. They are headquartered in San Diego, California, and are dedicated to creating beautiful floral arrangements that reflect your unique style and taste. Whether you’re looking for classic red roses or something more unusual, ProFlowers has something for everyone. With scoring neutral on all categories we evaluate, we feel that this company more closely reflects our values compared to their competitors. Visit ProFlowers’ page today and show your love this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful bouquet from ProFlowers!

Due to the competitive nature and vast array of options in the e-commerce flower delivery sector, a common store many turn to for gift options happens to be UrbanStems(1.97). We understand that looking for a reliable flower delivery service that aligns with your values can be challenging, and you can see that UrbanStems score is a direct reflection of their values and spending habits. They scored poorly on 5 out of the 6 issues we evaluate, and we believe it would be in your best interest to not order from UrbanStems this year for your Valentine’s Day flower needs. We encourage you to reach out to UrbanStems and make your voice heard in hopes that they alter course and return to neutral. You can contact them through their individual company pages at!


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