Company Contrast – A Guide to Help Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Company Contrast – A Guide to Help Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

This week’s Company Contrast article focuses on New Year’s resolutions. According to this report, the most popular New Year’s resolutions this year include eating healthier, spending more time in the gym, and spending more time with loved ones. Achieving New Year’s resolutions is challenging enough but finding the right businesses to support in the process can be even more difficult to navigate. Here is the 2ndVote New Year’s Resolution guide to make sure your New Year is the best year yet.

Resolution #1 – Eating healthier

In an attempt to eat healthier in the new year, some are choosing to try out new grocery stores and new foods. Whole Foods (1.81) may sound like a good idea to purchase healthier food options; however, they are currently scored at a 1.81 overall because of their partnership with the Human Rights Campaign and their opposition of religious liberty protections. On the other hand, Winn Dixie (3.43) has the highest score out of all the grocery stores in the 2ndVote Score Center because of their donations to Catholic Charities, a pro-life organization.

If you are trying new foods in your quest to achieve your New Year’s resolution, note that there are multiple food brands in our database that have over a 3.00 score overall including Folgers, Jelly Belly, and Goya Foods. Though Jelly Belly may not be considered a “healthier option” since their focus is on jelly beans and candy products, Jelly Belly does sell sugar free candy options that might help curb those sweet-tooth cravings, but, most importantly, their score is 3.46 overall because of their support for the Salvation Army, a Christian organization. 

Resolution # 2 – Spend more time at the gym 

For this resolution, it may be better to choose a locally owned gym or athletic center. The three gym facilities in our database currently are Planet Fitness (2.41), the YMCA (2.63), and the YWCA (1.85). The YWCA has the lowest score of the three because of their support for abortion, Planned Parenthood, and the Equality Act. 

Resolution # 3 – Spend more time with loved ones

There are many ways to spend time with loved ones while still supporting businesses that contribute to pro-life, conservative causes. One way to spend time with loved ones is through vacations and making travel plans. There are multiple hotel and airline options that are at a 3.00 score or higher including Air Canada, Frontier Airlines, Motel 6, and Norwegian Cruise Line

Another way to spend more time with loved ones is by gathering for a meal at a restaurant. If you don’t have as much time, Wendy’s (3.43) is a great fast food option since they openly support adoption and pro-life causes. If you have time for a longer meal, Waffle House, Dave & Buster’s, and Texas Roadhouse are great options and have over a 3.00 score overall. Unfortunately, Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee both scored at a 1.09 overall because of their support for Planned Parenthood.

In conclusion, make sure to check out the 2ndVote website and score center while you achieve your 2022 goals. It will make your New Year’s resolutions much more meaningful when you are able to further the pro-life, conservative cause at the same time.

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Corrie Christiaansen, Associate Researcher