Company Contrast: Omni vs. Westin

Company Contrast: Omni vs. Westin

Each week, 2ndVote carefully examines various companies and evaluates their alignment with our values. Through our series, Company Contrast, we highlight companies that either exemplify or fall short of these values and provide alternatives for those looking to make informed choices. This week, we turn our attention to Omni Hotels & Resorts (3.00), as we reflect on their business practices in relation to our values.



When envisioning your dream vacation, the goal is to escape the reminders of societal issues and fully embrace the tranquility of your desired destination. That is why we encourage you to explore the world of Omni Hotels & Resorts. They are a renowned hospitality brand with a rich history dating back to 1958. Originally founded as Dunfey Hotels by William F. and Robert H. Dunfey, the company’s core focus has always been on providing exceptional service and upscale accommodation. Over the years, Omni Hotels and Resorts has grown and evolved, continuously adapting to meet the needs of discerning travelers. Based on our research, Omni scored a 3.00 in all categories of issues we score on. There was no information found to indicate advocacy for or against any of our scorable issues. Neutral is a good thing! 

When choosing a hotel company, it is essential to consider their position on specific agendas, especially those related to being “woke.” One example of such a company is the Westin (1.52). While Westin is a well-known brand, it is important to remember that popularity alone does not necessarily reflect a company’s quality or values. Regrettably, our evaluation of the Westin indicates a low score, signifying a discrepancy in their values. We have concerns about a particular policy associated with their parent company, Marriott International (2.20). They are a member of a business coalition supporting passage of the Equality Act, a national sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation mandate that would undermine 1st Amendment protections for religious liberty. We recommended that you refrain from supporting them until they improve their score. We encourage you to voice your concerns to Westin & Marriott through their individual pages. 

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