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Contrary to Planned Parenthood Lies, Sex-Ed and Birth Control Cuts Lead to Decrease in Teen Pregnancy

Planned Parenthood operates under a constant umbrella of lies. Whether it be the supposed “health care” that they offer women or the handout of contraception, they make false claims to keep the public fooled and their steady stream of government money flowing. During the Obama era, certain Planned Parenthood facilities received large grants for sex education, and a report released by the administration confirmed the unsuccessful rates of the program and an increase in pregnancy overall.

Scott Phelps, with the Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership, said to LifeSiteNews:

“So after $4 million of taxpayer funding, teen pregnancy increased among teens who received the government’s contraception-based sex education program.”

While liberals have long-argued that sex education and birth control funding are necessary to decrease teenage pregnancy rates, a recent study conducted in England reveals just the opposite. As it would turn out, when programs were cut, rates dropped significantly, falling to their lowest average since 1969.

The data gathered even goes on to confirm:

“The statistics show teen pregnancy rates diminished the most in those areas where secular sex-ed budgets were most aggressively cut.”

So not only do cuts lower pregnancy rates but aggressive cuts help decrease the numbers even more.

Why is this? The study suggests that when sex education and birth control are not available to teenagers, it decreases their likelihood to participate in sex. For those who would already be sexually involved (like married couples), birth control does serve as a beneficial tool, but it seems to encourage sex from teens who would not participate if they did not have easy access to birth control in the first place.

This further proves that Planned Parenthood is unnecessary, and that their work is counterproductive.

Just as the government continues to funnel money into the abortion giant that is Planned Parenthood, it is important to remember that major corporations, like Starbucks, are doing the same. Be sure to check out our resource page to learn exactly which companies are behind Planned Parenthood’s distorted business.