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Corporate Dollars Fuel Planned Parenthood’s Push to Infanticide

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse slammed Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s defense of a legislation to expand late-term abortion earlier this week:

The comments the governor of Virginia made were about fourth-term abortions. That’s not abortion, that’s infanticide.

Indeed, Northam’s description of an infant having his or her fate determined by a discussion between a doctor and patient after delivery was quite horrific:

If a mother is in labor . . . the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother.

Northam’s comments were made in the wake of the New York’s legislative rollback of limitations on late-term abortion and come in the midst of Planned Parenthood’s push to enshrine abortion to the moment of birth. However, Northam may have overplayed the abortion lobby’s hand and exposed Planned Parenthood’s true intentions as public outcry helped defeat Virginia’s controversial bill.

Now, the battle to protect the lives of fully formed, full-term babies is not done, and FoxNews reports Planned Parenthood Action Fund expects to push for similar measures in over half the states in the country. That is why it is imperative we demand Planned Parenthood’s corporate sponsors cease funding the abortionists infanticide agenda.

Our research has found the following companies and organizations are direct supporters of Planned Parenthood:

Use the links above to see our research and the contact buttons provided to reach out to these corporations.

Planned Parenthood’s disgusting celebration of New York’s Reproductive Health Act clearly illustrates the abortion giant’s agenda—the unrestricted ability to kill fully formed babies. Corporations that support this agenda need to hear from you that they are funding the deaths of their own customers. They also need to know why they will not be doing so with your dollars as you take your business to companies that do not fuel Planned Parenthood’s industry of death.

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