Corporate Dollars Fund Abortionist’s Legal Team Before SCOTUS


Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in the case of Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt struck down a Texas law that implemented common sense regulations for abortion clinics. In effect, the ruling prevents states from requiring abortion providers to abide by the same health and safety regulations as any other healthcare provider.

While the Court’s decision is a setback for many in the Pro-Life movement, it is important that values-minded individuals understand the forces behind the effort to protect and promote abortion in all of its forms, even without safety standards that are common in the healthcare industry.

In this legal battle, Whole Women’s Health was represented by an organization known as the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). This liberal group unabashedly promotes the advancement of abortion on a global scale as a ‘fundamental human right.’ CRR has filed lawsuits in several states to challenge laws that regulate abortion and has even lobbied for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, the provision that bars the use of federal dollars for abortion.

CRR’s anti-life advocacy is made possible by a sophisticated fundraising operation that includes gifts from some very well-known corporations. 2ndVote’s research team found in CRR’s most recent annual report that the following corporations directly donate or help funnel money from their charitable foundations to this liberal organization:

Bank of America
BP America
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Direct TV
The Ford Foundation
JP Morgan Chase
Pitney Bowes

Conservatives will understandably be discouraged by yesterday’s ruling. However, The Daily Signal also points out that many Pro-Life advocates will see it as a rallying point:

“The pro-life generation is stronger than ever before,” Maddie Schulte, a regional coordinator at Students for Life, told The Daily Signal outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. “I’m excited to see what comes next. We’re coming back full force.”

“We believe in life,” added Anja Scheib, a programs intern for Students for Life. “Millennials,” in particular, she said, “are becoming more pro-life.”

That is why it is important to understand which corporations help fund liberal organizations like the Center for Reproductive Rights that engage in advocacy and litigation in order to protect one of the most heinous industries in our country. Pro-Life activists fight against CRR their allies at Planned Parenthood every election at the ballot box. However, they also have the power to fight the corporations that fund these anti-life advocates with their shopping decisions every day.

For more background on CRR, see the article 2ndVote published in RedState.