Corporate Responsibility for the Environmental Disaster in West Virginia; Who Funds the Center for Biological Diversity?

The environmental disaster from the CSX train that derailment and crude oil spill in West Virginia could have been prevented argues Brian Seasholes in The Daily Caller:

The unfolding disaster in West Virginia, in which a train transporting oil derailed, caught fire and is spilling oil into the Kanawha River, likely could have been prevented if more oil pipelines were approved — most notably the much-delayed Keystone XL pipeline. While the oil spill will have many negative environmental impacts, especially hard hit will be the five species of freshwater mussels that are listed under the Endangered Species Act and live in the Kanawha River.

The irony of the oil spill is that approval of Keystone XL has been delayed, and is likely going to be vetoed by President Obama, due to objections by many of the same environmental lobbying organizations that ardently support the Endangered Species Act. When it comes to Keystone XL, however, these same groups are raising the specter of a host of minor environmental risks, while ignoring the very real and significant threats to a wide range of imperiled and more common species of transporting oil by rail instead of by pipeline.

You can read the entire article here and learn how the Center for Biological Diversity has been working to stop the completion of Keystone XL.

As always, 2nd Vote is working to expose the corporate funding behind these types of liberal organizations. Just a quick look at the Center’s latest annual report shows several major corporations engaging in matching gift programs. Companies like Apple, Bank of America and Macy’s are just a few examples. You can see the entire list on page 18 of the annual report here.

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