These Corporations Don’t Support Jack Phillips’ Religious Liberty (Or Yours)

These Corporations Don’t Support Jack Phillips’ Religious Liberty (Or Yours)

Yesterday, Jack Phillips won back his religious liberty at the U.S. Supreme Court. Millions of Americans celebrated with Phillips and his attorneys at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

The radical LGBT group Human Rights Campaign (HRC), meanwhile, chose to slander Americans with traditional views on marriage:

Represented by the SPLC-designated hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, the baker — who lost before the Colorado Supreme Court — claimed that he should be able to discriminate against LGBTQ people on religious freedom and freedom of speech grounds.

HRC’s many falsehoods in this one sentence are astounding. Not only is it LGBT groups which want to use government to unfairly discriminate — Phillips was in court because his religious beliefs were discriminated against! — the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision noted that Phillips acted in accordance with his religious-based conscience by serving people in same-sex attractions items such as birthday cakes. It was only false marriage ceremonies to which Phillips objected.

Additionally, HRC’s citation of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s slander of ADF as a so-called “hate group” is untrue and dangerous. The SPLC’s broad application of the title led Floyd Corker to find the Family Research Council — where he attempted to commit mass murder. Corker was intending to also commit murder at Chik-fil-A because SPLC slapped the “hate group” label on the restaurant chain, but he was thankfully stopped by Family Research Council’s security team.

2ndVote has found dozens of corporations which support HRC’s and SPLC’s radical ideologies– and not your freedom to practice your religious beliefs. Make sure to use your second vote to stand with Jack Phillips by spending your money with companies that support religious liberty, the foundation of the American experiment.

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