Corporations Need To Buck Cancel Culture, Cut Sponsorships For Planned Parenthood {Issue: Life}

Defund Planned Parenthood

Corporations Need To Buck Cancel Culture, Cut Sponsorships For Planned Parenthood {Issue: Life}

Planned Parenthood (1.25) of Southwest and Central Florida is kicking off the spring of 2021 with a virtual fundraiser and gala. The event, taking place throughout March and ending on April 8th is, ironically, called “Naked Truth”. Notably, one of its featured speakers is Lindy West, writer and executive producer of Hulu (1.33) comedy series Shrill.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that West would champion this cause, especially as she co-founded the “reproductive rights de-stigmatization campaign #ShoutYourAbortion” and has written for leftist news outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Jezebel, and The Guardian, to name a few. What is more concerning is that Hulu stands by while a member of their senior staff champions women’s “right” to murder their unborn children. Apparently, Hulu would prefer to allow this than to contradict the narrative that Planned Parenthood supports “women’s rights,” or even to simply ban senior executives from speaking at such controversial events.

Hulu is definitely overdue to withdraw support from Planned Parenthood, considering that evidence increasingly indicates that the abortion giant has not only covered up illegal sales of baby parts but has also consistently provided abortions to underage rape victims rather than calling the police. Corporations like Hulu need to refuse sponsorships to Planned Parenthood, particularly considering Planned Parenthood’s double-standard on providing abortions at the request of child abusers and sex traffickers. 

But America’s corporations often don’t like to confront these shocking realities, and so we wind up with a litany of euphemisms and more sponsorships from corporations afraid to stand against the narrative. The truth is, corporations should focus on customers instead of politics. So, cancel the Hulu subscription and tell them you won’t be coming back until they fix this issue. Do the same for the other companies you frequently support which don’t support you. Let them know where you stand, and let your 2ndVote dollars do the talking.