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Court Rules Against Planet Fitness, For Woman Who Didn’t Want A Man In The Locker Room

A Michigan appeals court has ruled in favor of a woman who sued Planet Fitness over its cancellation of her membership because she took issue with its gender identity policies. According to media reports, the ruling sent the case back to a lower court because Planet Fitness did not appropriately disclose to the woman and other gym members that men would be allowed in the female locker room.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

Yvette Cormier, who was 48 at the time of the incident, sued Planet Fitness in March 2015 for invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, retaliation, breach of contract and emotional distress.

The appeals court found on Thursday that the gym was at fault for violating the Consumer Protection Act.

Cormier signed a contract with the Midland Planet Fitness when she joined the gym. The contract said she would have access to a private women’s locker room and restroom, according to the court’s opinion. If she had known transgender women would be allowed to use the restroom, she said in her lawsuit, she would not have joined the gym.

Therefore, the court reasoned, because the gym failed to tell her about the policy, they misled her when signing the contract.

Cormier continued to go to the gym after the incident and warned other women at the gym about the policy. The court said it was reasonable for her to continue using the gym because to cancel her membership early would have resulted in extra charges.

This lawsuit is the second legal action regarding Planet Fitness’ policies we’ve recently seen in the news. As we reported, the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to Planet Fitness on behalf of a woman in Florida who lost her membership for telling other women that men were allowed in the female locker room.

Planet Fitness has long jumped the shark on religious liberty and gender identity issues. Its “Judgment Free Zone” policy clearly doesn’t apply to women who don’t want strange men to be undressing around them. It doesn’t apply to Liberty Counsel’s client, who says she was previously raped and thus undressing around a strange man is a problem.

This hypocrisy is typical of corporations which put left-wing ideology over simply doing business well. “Diversity” only applies if you’re on board with the leftist agitation priority of the day. Otherwise, you’re not welcome, whether it’s at ESPN, Planet Fitness, or CrossFit.

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