Shadow Banning: Twitter Continues Suppressing Conservatives

Shadow Banning: Twitter Continues Suppressing Conservatives

Facebook and Twitter are notoriously anti-conservative. Last week’s shadow banning accusations may be dismissed by Twitter and its defenders as conspiracy theories gone wild, but the company has a clear pattern of blocking conservative speech.

It appears President Donald Trump and some Congressional Republicans are paying attention to the Twitter problem. As importantly, CBS News reports that European privacy rules caused Facebook to miss market expectations for growth, and Twitter’s stock still hasn’t recovered after tanking in 2016 — when it became publicly known that the platform actively discriminating against conservatives.

As the debate on how tech giants may need to be regulated gains steam, we believe it is critically important for 2ndVote readers to know what the positions these social media companies are taking on important issues.

Twitter, for example, jumped the shark a long time ago on LGBT and environmental issues. The company stands behind the Paris climate agreement despite the U.S. pulling out. And Twitter has joined several coalitions which push LGBT totalitarianism regarding business’ ability to hire the best employees and regarding states’ efforts to protect girls and women from men in bathrooms and locker rooms.

In other words — Twitter’s totalitarianism and intolerance aren’t limited to its own platform. Regretfully, this is not a surprise. Its CEO’s pathetic apology for daring to promote Chik-fil-A during so-called “Pride Month” shows how craven the company’s leadership really is. And efforts to block pro-life advocates’ messages is Twitter’s way of letting abortionists know it has their back.

Twitter has done an excellent job of filling a niche in online news, commentary, and relationship media. Much more of this discrimination, however, and the company may need a lot more than 280 characters to survive.

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