Criminal Sues San Fran Police for Assisting in Enforcement of Immigration Law

Criminal Sues San Fran Police for Assisting in Enforcement of Immigration Law

Need more proof that sanctuary city policies hamstring law enforcement and undermine immigration laws?

Well, a convicted criminal, and apparent violator of immigration law, is now suing the San Francisco Police and Sheriff’s Departments because law enforcement turned him over to immigration officials after a routine background check found a 10 year old deportation warrant.

The plaintiff, who is from El Salvador, claims that police violated San Francisco’s sanctuary city ordinance when he was arrested while filing a report to retrieve a stolen vehicle from an impound lot. U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was notified and the man was held at a detention facility for two months until he was released on bail.

Because of San Francisco’s backwards sanctuary policies, the lawsuit is alleging that the arrest amounts to “false imprisonment” despite the deportation order that arose from failing to appear at an immigration hearing in 2005 and a 2012 DUI conviction.

Essentially, San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city has made a lawbreaker into a “victim” in this case and this is precisely the confusion that arises from sanctuary policies that undermine immigration laws by preventing local law enforcement from coordinating with immigration authorities. Furthermore, the inability to practice sound law enforcement because of these policies has led actual victims like Katie Steinle whose murderer was protected by San Francisco’s ordinance.

Sadly, corporations help fund advocacy to keep these backwards, dangerous policies in place. Liberal organizations like LULAC and La Raza are sponsored by major companies including Walmart and Bank of America. Below you’ll see a list of companies that contribute to both of these groups and links to their scorepages.

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Corporations sponsoring LULAC and La Raza
Bank of America
General Motors
Southwest Airlines
Time Warner Cable

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