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CrossFit Company Values Align with Left’s Hostility to Judeo-Christian Values

Earlier this week, CrossFit aligned its corporate brand with leftist hostility to anything short of celebration of LGBT ideology and an employee lost his job because he chose to stand on the principle that so-called “pride” events are ultimately a “celebration of sin.”

Read 2ndVote’s statement below:

By firing Russell Berger, CrossFit has confirmed its company values align with the left’s hostility to religion, especially to the beliefs of anyone who does not celebrate the LGBT movement’s ideology. While CrossFit is a private business, the Supreme Court clearly rebuked hostility to religious expression and belief earlier this week.

As the previous firings of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich and Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran illustrate the left’s intolerance of traditional Judeo-Christian values, this situation underscores how corporate alignment with the LGBT agenda in the name of “pride” can indeed create a hostile work environment for anyone who disagrees.

As the Supreme Court outlined in the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision, hostility to religious belief and expression is a clear divergence from our shared values. Those who would bully and persecute people upholding Judeo-Christian values stand in contradiction of the founding principles of our nation.

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  • Spectrum

    Russell Berger surely would have a legal case for unfair dismissal now that the Supreme Court has ruled that Christians ( and presumably non Christians who have a conscience ) are not to be victimised for their beliefs. In addition, if I were him, I’d include a hefty claim for punitive damages. As it is clearly evident that they haven’t got the message yet. Or more likely they only care about the law when it suits their bizarre perverse purposes – as with same-sex “marriage”, for instance.

  • Captain Combat Engineer Army


  • Red Baron

    Please stop using the term, “Judeo-Christian,” in your articles. Christians are just Christians. We don’t need any modifier. We haven’t had any modifiers for almost 2,000 years. We are not Jews and those who practice Judaism are not Christians. This is a politically correct term, not an accurate term.