#CyberMonday for the Conservative Shopper

#CyberMonday for the Conservative Shopper

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. You can get awesome deals for your loved ones well before the bells toll for Christmas.

2ndVote shoppers have an extra responsibility, however. You don’t just want a great gift – you want to get it from a great company! After all, online retail giant Amazon is one of the most liberal companies in 2ndVote’s database.

Well, read on for how to do just that.

First, consider using Overstock.com as a great alternative to Amazon that won’t compromise your values.. We’ve profiled Overstock.com before, and we are pleased to recommend them to you now.

Second, use the links provided 2ndVote’s Christmas Gift Guide to learn about online retailers that our vetted. Many of these companies sell hundreds of other items. Published last week, the Guide recommends top retailers and their products for 2ndVote shoppers. From dolls to wine glasses to a dog camera, our recommendation will help you find the presents for your loved without compromising your values.

Third, tell your friends and family about the Gift Guide. Let them know they don’t have to bow down to the left-wing corporations which regularly trash, undermine, and subvert traditional American values.

Lastly, most companies that are known for their “brick and mortar” locations also have online stores that will be offering #CyberMonday Deals. For the best place to start, see some of our top recommended retailers here and check out the specials they have this week! Furthermore, know that you are part of the cultural solution with your 2ndVote. Know that you are providing the best gifts for your loved ones. And enjoy Advent and Christmas!

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