The Daily Wire: More Brands Getting Political

The Daily Wire: More Brands Getting Political

James Barrett, a reporter for The Daily Wire, highlighted a trend that’s becoming all too familiar in the tech world these days. He writes, “Several high-profile startups have decided to go all in on the politics, and, unsurprisingly, they all seem to be leaning one direction.”

As examples, Barrett mentions three companies that he says “are enthusiastically driving a wedge between themselves and roughly half of their potential clients”:

Airbnb – 1.3
Google – 1
Lyft – 1
LinkedIn – 2.1

What ties these three companies together, and many others in the tech industry for that matter, is how they have intentionally aligned with liberal protest movements, especially in regard to the Trump administration’s immigration orders.

Of course, our research shows how these companies have a history of supporting liberal activity on nearly ALL of the issues.

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