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Daleiden Demands Answers From Planned Parenthood And Its Partners On Aborted Fetal Profits

David Daleiden, who headed the Center for Medical Progress video unveiling of Planned Parenthood’s body parts for profit scandal, is adamant about the release of documents that will give proof to transactions involving the harvest and possible sale of aborted baby parts.

Daleiden had filed a request for the University of Washington to turn over its documents involving transactions between its Birth Defects Research Laboratory (BRDL) and Planned Parenthood. The two organizations have worked in cohorts for years, with the university paying the abortion giant for use of experiments on fetal remains.

Employees from both Planned Parenthood and the university then sued to prevent the release of documents supposedly because they did not want their names released to the public for fear of violence that might ensue.

Jeffrey Trissell, a member of Daleiden’s legal team, has since urged the university to censor any private information that might identify individuals.

LifeSiteNews reports that Peter Breen, also part of Daleiden’s team, stated:

“The plaintiffs here work at a taxpayer-funded state university, and their work is subject to the same sunshine and open records laws as any other government employee.”

2ndVote will continue to monitor this case, as the first hearing is set for Friday. In the meantime, visit our Planned Parenthood Resource Page here to find out exactly which companies are funding the abortion giant either directly or through third party groups.