Decision Expected Soon for Hobby Lobby Case

The Supreme Court is expected to decide soon on the landmark Hobby Lobby case.

The Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby versus Sebelius case, an important conservative attempt to limit the scope of Obamacare, is due to come out this week. Right now, the Affordable Care Act requires that companies’ insurance plans must include contraceptive coverage.

Although the ACA has a mandate that exempts churches and strictly religious employers, the mandate does not cover for-profit companies with religious owners. Hobby Lobby, a for-profit company, is owned by the Green family, who are evangelical Christians.  The owners have stated that covering certain contraceptives would violate their religious beliefs; for example, they view Plan B as a form of abortion.

The Green family argues that the contraceptive mandate breaches the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which states that the government cannot “substantially burden religious exercise” unless there is a compelling interest met in the least restrictive means. Hobby Lobby would have to pay $1.3 million per day in fines for failing to comply with the law (a $100 fine per day for each of its 13,000 workers), or pay $26 million to the government if it dropped its health care plan altogether. The plaintiffs have argued the fines they will face for noncompliance with the mandate would be a substantial burden.

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