Defying the Critics, Amazon Viewers Aren’t Watching Transgender Show

An Amazon Studios executive claims “we’re getting chewed up” by viewers who apparently don’t care for shows that push the transgender agenda.

The Wall Street Journal reports Amazon is struggling to compete in the online video entertainment industry, despite the company’s dominance of retail.

One of the top failures is the Transparent series, which has been widely praised by media critics, is registering under one million viewers. It seems that viewers would rather not tune in for a transgender “full-frontal nude scene” or “groin anomaly” that have been featured in the show’s 4th season that premiered last month.

With more-and-more cable subscribers deciding to “cut-the-cord,” the competition for online entertainment streaming has never been higher. Yet, rivals Netflix and Hulu appear to be leading the field as both of these companies “won bigtime (Emmy) awards this season.”

According to the Journal, Amazon is looking into programming changes that will “shift away from so-called hipster shows” to focus on “content with wider appeal, like sci-fi and spy fiction.”

Perhaps providing content that doesn’t push the transgender narrative and focuses more on what audiences want to see would be a good start righting the ship at Amazon Studios.

See where Amazon stands on all the issues here.

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  • Quacker

    I ended my viewership of the NFL and NCAA when they weighed in on the side of LGBT activists in the debate over religious freedom in North Carolina. It became clear then, and has been confirmed repeatedly since, that both organizations are in full support of the leftist agenda in America. I even cancelled my membership in a large university’s athletic booster organization, ended my annual contributions, and gave up my primo season tickets, which I’d held for over 20 years. If more conservative Americans would do likewise, this mad march toward socialist totalitarianism would come to an abrupt halt.

  • PC Bob

    Despite what the transgender segment claims, most people do NOT accept it as ‘normal’ and never will! They can keep beating that dead horse if they want to, but no one is going to watch them! Well, maybe a few trans people, but that’s about all.

  • Angelo G

    Transgender is a mental illness,lets call it what it is.

  • Pam O’Neal

    PC Bob — You’re ABSOLUTELY right. I know I don’t want my 12-year old girl watching or coming to me afterward with a list of questions. Should be listed as “inappropriate for most audiences.”