Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, Co-owned by GE, Has Received Taxpayer Subsidies

The Daily Signal is reporting that the Desert Sunlight solar farm, co-owned by GE, has received taxpayer subsidies and stands to benefit from state energy purchasing mandates:

At the recent inauguration of the Desert Sunlight solar farm, Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell stated, “This is the beginnings of a renewable energy future.”

Let’s hope she is wrong, because the Desert Sunlight project is cronyism at its worst. This project involves $1.5 billion of subsidized loans. It also mandated purchases of overpriced power, all to benefit the project’s owners. And don’t think those owners are struggling mom-and-pop operations. Instead, they’re three of the world’s largest corporations—GE (market capitalization of $247 billion), NextEra Energy (market capitalization of $47 billion) and Sumitomo Corporation (market capitalization of $13 billion).

Sadly, when we look at GE’s environmental record, this type of cronyism is not surprising. GE is a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, which supports heavy-handed government environmental regulations like a carbon tax and cap-and-trade. GE has also funded the Center for American Progress, a think tank known for its liberal environmental positions.

You can see all the information on GE’s score here.

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