Despite Recent Incidents, Airbnb’s Gender Ideology Puts Women at Risk

Despite Recent Incidents, Airbnb’s Gender Ideology Puts Women at Risk

Airbnb is facing some media backlash after the deaths of several people who used their services to find rental accommodations. Via USA TODAY:

But in recent weeks, a couple of deaths have raised questions about the safety of Airbnb rentals.

Last week, a security guard at a villa in Costa Rica was arrested for the murder of a Florida woman who traveled there to celebrate her 36th birthday. Carla Stefaniak’s body was found in the woods near her Airbnb rental with a blunt force wound to her head. Bismarck Espinosa Martinez, 32, has been arrested for the attack.

Last month, a New Orleans couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning in an Airbnb rental in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Authorities have said that Edward Winders and Barbara Moller apparently inhaled gas emitted by a faulty heater in their rental.

Defenders of Airbnb correctly point out that the company has millions of listings, and that there is always risk in travel — whether it’s through Airbnb or a traditional hotel. However, the above incidents draw attention to a dangerous Airbnb policy which puts women’s safety at risk.

Per Airbnb’s policies:

Gender Identity

Airbnb does not assign a gender identity to our users. We consider the gender of an individual to be what they identify and/or designate on their user profile.

  • Airbnb hosts may not

    • Decline to rent to a guest based on gender unless the host shares living spaces (for example, bathroom, kitchen, or common areas) with the guest.

    • Impose any different terms or conditions based on gender unless the host shares living spaces with the guest.

    • Post any listing or make any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any guest on account of gender, unless the host shares living spaces with the guest.

Airbnb’s policy literally states that women who use Airbnb must allow men who say they are women — regardless of the realities of biology or the actual feelings of said man — to stay at their homes if living quarters are separate. Of course, such a barrier won’t do much to stop a determined predator.

This abandonment of safety in favor of political correctness is part and parcel of Airbnb’s left-wing agenda. 2ndVote’s research shows that Airbnb has fully bought into the gender-confusion principle by joining business groups which want to force business owners and their customers to abandon biological realities when it comes to bathrooms and other private facilities.

2ndVote cares deeply about the safety and security of women, especially survivors of sexual assault. Make sure Airbnb knows of your displeasure with their discriminatory and harmful policy by not using Airbnb for your Christmas travels.

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