Dick’s Sporting Goods Becomes Poster Child for Virtue Signaling on 2nd Amendment

Dick’s Sporting Goods Becomes Poster Child for Virtue Signaling on 2nd Amendment

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Dick’s Sporting Goods became one of the first corporations to join the left’s anti-gun misinformation campaign.

On February 28, the retailer announced it would be pulling from its shelves all so-called “assault-style rifles,” firearms that are legal to purchase and own. Dick’s also enacted a new policy restricting the sale of all firearms to individuals under 21 years of age. 18-21 year olds are legally allowed to purchase and own rifles and shotguns.

Now, in another craven attempt to appease anti-2nd Amendment leftists, Dick’s is announcing it will destroy all the firearms pulled from its shelves earlier this year.

Again, all of these weapons are lawful to sell and possess.

As the National Rifle Association has pointed out, Dick’s is essentially “punishing law-abiding citizens” in what appears to be a desire to earn points with the left:

Interestingly, Dick’s continues to sell knives, which, according the the FBI are involved in over 1,500 homicides each year. Rifles, on the other hand, including the so-called “assault-style rifles” demonized by Dick’s and the left are involved in less than 300 homicides each year according to the same FBI data.

If Dick’s CEO Ed Stack was really concerned with making an impact that would “solve the problem” as he wrote about the decision and not merely virtue signaling to win points with the left, shouldn’t he be directing his company to remove all knives from its shelves?

Email Dick’s CEO at Edward.Stack@dcsg.com to let him know what you think about companies that enable the left’s anti-gun misinformation campaign and chose virtue signaling over the 2nd Amendment.

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