DICK’s Sporting Goods’ CEO Doesn’t Want Your Second Vote Dollars

DICK’s Sporting Goods’ CEO Doesn’t Want Your Second Vote Dollars

You may remember that DICK’s Sporting Goods jumped on the anti-Second Amendment bandwagon earlier this year. The company’s virtue signaling to leftists on gun safety was to destroy some of its firearms while keeping knives — the latter of which are used in far more homicides nationwide.

Now, new information shows that just like Target’s morally bankrupt decision to allow men unfettered access to women’s changing rooms cost that company money, DICK’s Sporting Goods has paid a financial price for its poor business decision. From our friends at the National Center for Public Policy Research, who recently confronted DICK’s CEO Ed Stack:

Stack admitted Dick’s change in gun-related sales “did alienate some gunowners,” but insisted that “we’re not going to change” the policy and that “we as a company and a board stand by our decision.”

As National Center Vice President David Almasi pointed out after DICK’s recent shareholder meeting, DICK’s poor decision on guns will hurt shareholders — the people to whom the company has legal obligations:

“When Dick’s alienates gunowners and their supporters, those people won’t just stop buying their guns at Dick’s – they also won’t buy hunting equipment, coolers, jackets or golf clubs at Dick’s. They will tell their friends to shop elsewhere,” Almasi added. “It’s a poor business model to offend a group as motivated and organized as gunowners. It’s also not wise for a corporation to oppose a basic constitutional right.”

The good thing is that DICK’s is not the only gun shop around. Your second vote dollars can go to companies that actually support gun ownership and safe application of Second Amendment rights. Here are three companies which sell guns — based upon 2ndVote’s research of company policies, donations, and partnerships — who are better stewards of your rights than DICK’s. In alphabetical order:

The Academy Sports & Outdoors focuses on providing its products to customers. 2ndVote’s research has uncovered nothing to indicate a leftist corporate culture.

Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the National Rifle Association and hosts events, seminars, and classes at all of its retail locations so that participants improve their firearm skills. This example of corporate social responsibility has earned them the 2ndVote “5” ranking!

Cabela’s likewise has the rare 2ndVote “5” ranking, meaning it has no bad corporate policies and plenty of good ones! Specifically, it partners with the National Rifle Association and many other sportsmen and hunting organizations.

Email Dick’s CEO at Edward.Stack@dcsg.com to let him know that your second vote dollars will go to companies that support the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense. 

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