Ditching PayPal

Ditching PayPal

By: 2ndVote Contributor

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go:  PayPal (1.27) is not your pal.  No kudos to PayPal for providing an alternative to the extortionist banking industry.  No thanks for pretty much creating internet banking. Nothing good it has done outweighs its latest move. 

You see, PayPal asserted a right to steal your money if, in their eyes, you use their account to support something that they claim is not true.  Now, PayPal already had an Acceptable Use policy that allowed it to fine people $2,500 if you use your account for something they deem inappropriate.   But they have now expanded the list of actions that they consider inappropriate to include spreading “misinformation.”  PayPal has a history of political bias, and this new policy codified it. 

And they get to decide what is misinformation. 

Hey, PayPal, which of the following statements is misinformation? 

  1. Joe Biden is cognitively impaired
  2. Our borders are not secure
  3. PayPal is a great American company that supports free speech
  4. There’s a ton of inflation right now
  5. Vladimir Putin is not a nice person

You know the answer.  

This new policy would seem to eliminate your ability to use PayPal to donate money to pro-life causes.  Or the NRA, and it would keep those entities from using PayPal to advance their message that all life is sacred and we need the 2nd Amendment just in case the first one doesn’t work. 

But wait, you say.  PayPal quickly rescinded the policy.  Can’t we forgive them?  No.  Not in a million years.  It’s too late.  They showed their true colors. 

We at 2ndVote refuse to give these financial thugs a break on this.  They rescinded it only because people were angry and closed their accounts.  And in dropping the new policy, they refused to admit that it was a stupid mistake.  Instead, they provided their own dose of misinformation by saying that it wasn’t supposed to have gone live.  In other words, some minion in the company hit the Enter key by mistake.  Sure. We bet even Joe Biden wasn’t fooled by that one. C’mon, man. 

PayPal also apologized but in that typical way in which public figures apologize by saying they’re sorry if you made a mistake and interpreted their actions as any normal person would.  They didn’t say they were sorry they did something stupid, despicable, and anti-American.   

PayPal is just another company that believes that it gets to dictate what we say.  But we at 2ndVote are keeping our eyes out for this loathsome behavior.  We strongly encourage you to visit the link here and follow the instructions, which will remove you from among the ranks of people foolish enough to do business with this company.