Do Guns Kill? Visit 2ndVote GunCam to See for Yourself

Do Guns Kill? Visit 2ndVote GunCam to See for Yourself

For years, the left has attempted to justify constraints on the constitutional right to keep and bear arms using arguments that defy reason and twist facts. They have insisted that guns, and not people, are the cause of violence despite evidence that legally owned guns are so rarely involved in criminal activity and actually do reduce violence.

That is why we have launched the 2ndVote GunCam.

Through live-streaming technology, we are letting the entire nation help us in conducting around-the-clock observation of a gun to determine if indeed it will commit any act of violence without human involvement. Together we can answer the question: do guns really kill?

Click here to see the Live Feed!

Please share 2ndVote GunCam with your social media networks so we may fully reveal the foolishness of the attack on the 2nd Amendment and the radical left’s illogical argument that “guns kill.” And be sure to sign up to WIN THE GUN!

As part of our membership drive, we’re holding a drawing for a chance to win a Ruger LC9*. By participating in this “experiment,” one lucky winner will get to exercise his or her 2nd Amendment rights in a very real way.

We hope you’ll enjoy this common-sense message about legal gun ownership. Thank you for making it possible with your support.

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