Branching Out: What Pro-Lifers Should Know When Making the Switch from Bank of America

Branching Out: What Pro-Lifers Should Know When Making the Switch from Bank of America

In the most recent example of how 2ndVote’s research is keeping corporations accountable, last week we helped expose Bank of America’s funding of the world’s abortion leader: Planned Parenthood.

The Life issue is one that nearly all Conservative’s feel strongly about, and Planned Parenthood is public enemy #1 for pro-life activists. So when Bank of America misled its customers and investors about the real dealings with Planned Parenthood, it became an outrage.

Bank of America directly supports the abortion agenda and was dishonest about it. With that in mind, why should we trust a corporation like that with our finances?

The short answer is: we shouldn’t.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, there are other banks that do not commit funds to pro-abortion organizations. Our research has found BB&T – 2.1 (Lean Liberal), HSBC Bank – 2.4 (Lean Liberal), Regions – 1.6 (Liberal), and US AmeriBank – 2.7 (Lean Liberal) all remain neutral on the Life issue. While these companies are not perfect, they score higher Bank of America – 1 (Liberal) and give conservatives a better alternative when making a decision.

Unfortunately, the banking industry as a whole presents few good (Neutral or higher) options. That should tell us that we — as staunch conservatives and pro-life activists — have a lot of work left to do. The first step is to hold companies like Bank of America accountable for their actions by directly engaging on the issues. Use the buttons below to contact Bank of America by email and to share this story on Twitter so more people understand what they stand for.

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The next step is to find a bank that more closely aligns with your values. Exploring the banking alternatives listed above is a good start, but we also believe the best options may be found closest to home. Banking local is just like shopping local and you may find you already have relationships with the people who run your community bank. These fellow citizens are accessible and more likely to share your values. Most importantly; they need your business, so it is up to you to make them listen about the values we hold.

Find what issue(s) you’re most passionate about and use our database to learn how your go-to retailers feel about that issue. Whether it’s banking or your morning cup of coffee; find a local company and support your community instead of a national corporate agenda.

Help us continue holding Bank of America accountable by adding your voice today!