Don’t Let These Companies Get Away With Taking Your Religious Liberty

Don’t Let These Companies Get Away With Taking Your Religious Liberty

Yesterday, in light of baker Jack Phillips’ victory for religious liberty at the U.S. Supreme Court, 2ndVote highlighted the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) corporate supporters. Many respected and influential companies such as MGM Resorts, Microsoft, and Dell oppose your right to practice your religion.

But they are not alone. In addition to the dozens of corporations which back Human Rights Campaign’s radical agenda, 37 companies signed an amicus brief with HRC urging the Supreme Court to rule against Phillips. These corporations argued that commerce — the exchange of money in the marketplace — is more important than the uniquely American ideal of religious liberty:

Non-discrimination laws ensure that customers are able to purchase goods and services regardless of their identity. Adopting the Petitioners’ broad and difficult-to-administer position establishing when businesses can opt out of nondiscrimination laws and other laws of general applicability will negatively affect amici’s ability to operate efficiently, keep administrative costs low, promote profitability, maintain their diverse and inclusive environment, and ensure the dignified treatment of their employees.

According to these 37 companies, Jack Phillips’ small business is a danger to powerful corporations’ financial and employee goals. Additionally, Phillips’ Christian-based distinction between a person — he had served people with same-sex attractions at his place of business — and activities — such as a same-sex “marriage” celebration — will hurt corporations’ ability to make money.

If these companies are concerned about losing money, Christians with traditional views on marriage should oblige them. Use your second vote to let them know how displeased you are with their extreme agenda. Click the links below for company scorepages and tell these companies to stop attacking religious liberty.

Affirm, Inc.
Amalgamated Bank
American Airlines
Ben & Jerry’s
Choice Hotels International
Cisco Systems
Deutsche Bank
Estée Lauder Companies
Glassdoor, Inc.
Intel Corporation
John Hancock
Levi Strauss & Co.
Linden Research, Inc.
Marriott International
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Prudential Financial
Replacements, Ltd.
Witeck Communications

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