Bid Higher This Christmas–eBay Funds the Left’s Agenda

Bid Higher This Christmas–eBay Funds the Left’s Agenda

eBay is one of America’s most prominent online retailers. Its deals are renowned and its subsidiaries many.

However, eBay’s sales come at a cost: selling 2ndVote values for a Christmas present. We know that you want to get a great price and avoid funding the left’s agenda. However, our research shows that eBay funds abortion, supports cap-and-trade, and wants to eliminate religious liberty for business owners and their customers in California.

Therefore, we recommend the neutral as the alternative to eBay’s corporate support for these causes.

Contrary to eBay and Amazon — another online retailer which throws your values under the proverbial bus — is explicitly neutral on 2ndVote values. They focus on you, the customer, not political agendas. They work to be a great retailer instead of using your money against your values.

Thanks to, you and every single one of America’s patriotic 2ndVote Christmas shoppers can get great presents for your loved ones without compromising your values. Please reward with some of your shopping dollars this season to thank them for focusing on consumers instead of politics.

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