Dunkin’ Is Keeping America Runnin’ and Awake

Dunkin' Coffee and Donut

Dunkin’ Is Keeping America Runnin’ and Awake

With millions of Americans out of work and no longer driving through rush hour, you might think that coffee companies are on the way out. But Dunkin’ (2.14) is making sure that Americans in all states of life are staying awake and in communities around the nation fed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few great examples:


Dunkin’ doesn’t rank highly on 2ndVote values – it backs cap-and-trade and has a company culture that meets the radical standards of the LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign. It ranked a nearly-neutral 2.7 in early 2019 and clearly has slipped more into left-leaning politics since then. To its credit, it is neutral on gun control, abortion, immigration, and education, and has disavowed certain political actions by its far-left competitor Starbucks. 

2ndVote doesn’t endorse Dunkin’s dive to the left; we urge you to buy from the totally neutral and great-tasting Peet’s (3). During the current pandemic, however, we also urge you to applaud Dunkin’ for stepping up at the corporate and local levels to keep America runnin’ in all the right directions.

This post is part of 2ndVote’s coverage of business charity during the COVID-19 public health, social, and economic crises. We are highlighting companies large and small which are doing their part to help their communities.