Emails Reveal “Cozy Relationship” Between Hillary Clinton and Coca-Cola

Recently hacked emails from Coca-Cola executives appear to indicate a close, collaborative relationship with Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign.

Politico’s Helena Evich has outlined an email trail that shows corporate leadership scrambling after Clinton publicly endorsed Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kennedy’s soda tax proposal last spring.

Furthermore, a report from Forbes claims, “Coke uses its own consultants who have strong ties to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to try to influence campaign policy.”

The emails reveal that Coca-Cola was able to get Clinton to step back from the soda tax endorsement. An email from an agitated Clyde Tuggle seems to hint that Clinton might owe the soft drink maker a favor:

“Really??? After all we have done. I hope this has been falsely reported. Pls give me some talking points for Muhtar [Muhtar Kent, Coke’s CEO] in the am. Thanks!”

After all, Coca-Cola has given grant money to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Our research shows that Coca-Cola’s political activity doesn’t stop with the Clinton presidential campaign or the Clinton Foundation. Coca-Cola has also been an active Human Rights Campaign corporate and dinner sponsor for many years. Coke is also a partner of the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), which advocates for dangerous sanctuary city policies.

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