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Environmentalists in “Meltdown” Due to Election Outcome, Hold Vigil

As Americans get ready to transition into a new Presidential era, some liberals are having trouble coping with the results. Just a few minutes ago, we got an email from a very distraught Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) employee inviting us to a bizarre “vigil” for the environment.

Here’s the text:

[Dear Friend],
Like many of you, I’m still processing what happened last night and what it means for the Earth’s future.
Trump’s anti-environmental positions and climate denial poses a grave threat to every man, woman, child, and animal who calls our one and only Earth home.
At moments like this, we need to remember that we are not alone. While the U.S. electorate was bitterly divided on our choice for President, we are not divided on the urgent need to act on climate.
Tonight, people around the U.S. are gathering peacefully in the name of solidarity and resolve.
I encourage you to attend a vigil if you can. Bad news is always easier to bear in the company of friends.
Find a vigil near you where you can stand together with others determined to find a way forward.
In solidarity,
Emily Stevenson
Manager, Online Membership


Interestingly, the “find a vigil” link took us to a website hosted by another liberal advocacy organization, MoveOn.org, which isn’t exactly surprising given the EDF’s support for cap-and-trade legislation.

Of course, this kumbaya moment is brought to you in part by the corporations that partner with the EDF. Here are a few we found on their website:

Ocean Spray

Click the links to see exactly where these companies stand on environmental issues and be sure to explore our database for more research on who supports liberal environmentalist organizations.