EPA’s “Environmental Justice Leader” Quits, Sierra Club “Devastated”

EPA’s “Environmental Justice Leader” Quits, Sierra Club “Devastated”

If you’re reading that headline like we are, you’re probably thinking, “The EPA has an environmental justice leader?”

Unfortunately, deep down inside, you’re probably not all that surprised either given the bureaucratic mess the EPA has become.

However, on the bright side for those of us who realize this, Mustafa Ali, the Assistant Associate Administrator for Environmental Justice at the Environmental Protection Agency feels that “current leadership” seems to be at odds with his “values and priorities” and he can “read the writing on the walls” in regard to the future of his position.

Not surprisingly, the Sierra Club is “devastated” by this development because incoming EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is prepared to “gut” these “crucial environmental justice programs.”

We hope that’s a sign that leadership at the EPA is moving the agency in the right direction. We also hope that the companies supporting the Sierra Club’s love for environmental radicalism and bureaucracy will stop funding this liberal organization.

Below are some of the top corporate supporters of the Sierra Club. You can see all the organizations and corporations that partner with this liberal group in their latest annual report here.

Whole Foods

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