Estée Lauder Putting Lipstick on a Planned Parenthood Pig

Estée Lauder Putting Lipstick on a Planned Parenthood Pig

It takes more than cosmetics to cover-up the the blemish of corporate support for Planned Parenthood. However, M∙A∙C Cosmetics, a brand owned by Estée Lauder (2.1 – Lean Liberal), recently announced it will partner with rival Benefit Cosmetics in support of the abortion giant.

According to Live Action News, M∙A∙C will direct $500,000 each year from lipstick sales to Planned Parenthood’s “chat/text program,” including its chatbot marketed to 13- to 17-year-olds, Roo. That’s right, Estée Lauder and M∙A∙C will be funding the targeting of minors for Planned Parenthood-approved sex education and abortion propaganda without parents’ knowledge.

While Pro-Life women will certainly be looking for alternative cosmetic products that do not fund the targeting of minors for abortion, it is important to be an informed shopper. For example, popular brands like Clinique and Bobbi Brown are also owned by Estée Lauder. Also, competitor Avon (1.7 – Liberal) is direct supporter of Planned Parenthood and CoverGirl is owned by Procter & Gamble (1.7 – Liberal).

On the other hand, L’Oréal (2.1 – Lean Liberal) appears to remain neutral on the Life issue, which would make its products a much better option.

Will you be taking your cosmetics dollars to companies other than Estée Lauder? Reach out to company leadership today and let them know they’d be better off putting their lipstick on a pig.

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