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EU and China Brace for U.S. Withdrawal from 2015 Paris Climate Agreement

With President Trump expected to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement before the end of the week, two exterior global powers, the European Union and China, have formed their own alliance in an effort to initiate widespread carbon restrictions worldwide. The EU and China are expected to release a statement directly addressing climate change as a vital “national security issue”. Similarly to liberal icon Bernie Sanders correlating climate change to an increase in Islamist extremism in November of 2015, the aforementioned document attributes a “multiplying factor of social and political fragility” to alleged human-caused climate change.

The EU delegation in Brussels has indirectly prompted the United States to uphold its obligations within the Paris Agreement while, ironically, several of its member-states have failed to uphold their own obligations in NATO defense-spending. With the exception of Greece, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and Poland, none of the common members of NATO and the EU successfully meet their defense spending requirements. It is currently unclear if other Paris Agreement participants will be able to cover the departure of United States funding with money they are currently withholding from their NATO requirements should President Trump officially withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement.

Following the general precedent, liberal mega-corporations such as General Motors, Google, and Facebook all have come out in support of the pro-regulation Paris Agreement, continuing their consistent advocacy for environmental policy overreach. In addition to supporting the Paris Agreement, all three of the companies support cap-and-trade with Google directly supporting an additional carbon tax which could potentially be detrimental to both small businesses and manufacturing corporations nationwide.

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