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EU Fines Google Billions

On Tuesday, the European Union fined Google (1.0 – Liberal) the equivalent of $2.71 billion for violations of antitrust regulations. According to EU regulators, Google “abused its market dominance” by promoting its own brands over competitors in its shopping section search results.

The Silicon Valley-based company has 90 days to comply with the findings, before it would face further penalties. According to Fox Business, other U.S. tech companies, including Apple (1.0 – Liberal) and Facebook (1.0 – Liberal) have faced similar scrutiny in Europe.

Google has an extensive record of supporting liberal causes, scoring a 1 on all of the issues in 2ndVote’s database. Its liberal advocacy includes supporting The Center for American Progress, contributing to pro-abortion organizations, and donating to numerous groups that support sanctuary city policies. Google also supports the Brady Campaign, an anti-2nd Amendment group, the Human Rights Campaign, which campaigns against traditional marriage and religious liberty, and the Urban League, which advocates against life, marriage, and the 2nd Amendment.

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