ExxonMobil Update: Another AG Launches Witch-Hunt of Conservative Orgs.

The Daily Caller is reporting that the Attorney General for the State of Massachusetts has joined the ExxonMobil witch-hunt and issued subpoenas for communications between the oil giant and conservative organizations. This new revelation comes after the AG for the U.S. Virgin Islands was forced to withdraw a similar demand involving the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

This time, Americans for Prosperity, the Beacon Hill Institute, and the Acton Institute are mentioned as the organizations being targeted because of alleged financial support received from ExxonMobil. However, according to the article, there’s one problem: “At least two of the groups the subpoena demands records from have not received any money from Exxon.”

In response, the company has called the allegations “nothing more than a weak pretext for an unlawful exercise of government power to further political objectives.”

Furthermore, The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that documents prove several attorneys general were in fact scheming with liberal activist organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists in developing the persecution of ExxonMobil.

Ironically, ExxonMobil has taken liberal-leaning environmental positions on regarding climate change and has even encouraged Congress to establish carbon tax. More on ExxonMobil’s policy positions can be found on the company’s scorepage.

2ndVote will continue to follow this story to see if the agenda driven harassment by liberal environmentalists continues.