Facepalm: Former Laura Ingraham Advertisers Miss 20% Ratings Spike

The nearly 30 advertisers that cut ties with The Ingraham Angle at the behest of teen gun control activist David Hogg might be having second thoughts these days.

According to MRC Newsbusters, the ratings for Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s show are up a whopping 20% since Hogg’s campaign to pressure her advertisers began.

In the days after Ingraham’s tweet about Hogg’s failure to gain acceptance to several California universities, several dozen companies indicated they would no longer be advertising on the Angle including:

Bayer AG
Blue Apron
Entertainment Studios
Johnson & Johnson
Liberty Mutual
Office Depot
Principal Financial Group
Red Lobster
Ruby Tuesday

Apparently, these companies would rather cave to the left’s misinformation and pressure campaigns than realize the benefits of Ingraham’s loyal and conservative viewer base.

However, at least two companies have rebuffed Hogg and his anti-2nd Amendment cronies. Ace Hardware committed to maintaining its current advertising schedule on Ingraham’s show citing “incomplete” information regarding a previous statement and affirming respect for “different points of view.” The founder of MyPillow also pledged to continue advertising on The Ingraham Angle.

Have you reminded the companies above why playing the left’s games is bad for business? You can see where many of these companies stand by clicking on the links to their scorepages and using the contact buttons we’ve created.

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