Feeling the Heat, DirecTV Offers Refunds to Customers Angered by NFL Protests

Feeling the Heat, DirecTV Offers Refunds to Customers Angered by NFL Protests

The first major corporation is cracking due to fallout from the overwhelmingly unpopular national anthem protests in the National Football League.

According to multiple reports, DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T, is offering customers a full refund for the NFL Sunday Ticket package if cancelled because of opposition to the anthem protests. Sunday Ticket is premium package that allows out-of-market customers to watch games that are broadcast regionally on CBS and Fox affiliates. Football fans can purchase this package as an add-on to their DirecTV service for $280. [article continues below.]

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While the the fee for Sunday Ticket is typically non-refundable, it appears DirecTV is taking the hit in order to keep customers from cancelling their entire subscription at a considerable cost. The satellite company pays the NFL around $1.5 billion each year for the exclusive rights to carry the package. That means selling over 5.35 million packages just to break even.

The decision by DirecTV to refund these fees is important because it is evidence the outrage is having an effect and companies that do business with the NFL are starting to worry about their bottom line. We’ve added contact links at the bottom of this post for any of our 2ndVote members who are DirecTV customers wishing to cancel the Sunday Ticket package.

As the anthem protests started with the players themselves we’ve also added this list of companies that sponsor the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). Follow the links to the company scorepages where you can tell these companies to use their influence to put an end to the very unpopular protests.

Campbell’s Soup Company
Castrol (BP)
Courtyard Marriott
Hyundai Motor America
Mars Snackfood
News America (News Corp/Fox Entertainment Group)
Papa John’s
Procter & Gamble
Quaker Oats

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