Follow the Money: Center for American Progress

This week’s ‘Follow the Money’ article in RedState takes a look at which corporations are funding the liberal think tank Center for American Progress.

The last time you filled up your cart at Walmart or checked your balance with your account at Bank of America you were likely making a decision based on the cost benefits and convenience of doing business.  You probably weren’t thinking, “I’m supporting the ‘official Hillary Clinton think tank’ today,” but you were.

These companies are just two of many that you’ll likely recognize which were listed last week in the Center for American Progress’s (CAP) release of their 2014 corporate donors.  This marks the second year that CAP has publicly released the names of its major corporate donors and throughout the list, you’ll find household names like CVS, Wells Fargo, PepsiCo, and Mars Incorporated.

These corporate relationships with CAP should disturb conservatives for a number of reasons.  After all, this is an organization established to promote issues that appear on every liberal wish list imaginable, ranging from Obamacare to the carbon tax to sweeping new restrictions on firearms. They also have been criticized for promoting anti-Israel language on their affiliated web sites. 

You can read the full article by click here.

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