Follow the Money: Earth Day 2015

This week’s ‘Follow the Money’ article in RedState takes a deeper look into the Earth Day Network, the global coordinator of Earth Day:

The Earth Day Network (EDN), the global coordinator of Earth Day, has over 50,000 partnering organizations, many of these representing a ‘who’s who’ of liberal environmental groups such as Ceres, the World Wildlife Fund and the Sierra Club. These groups have documented histories of supporting liberal policies like carbon taxes and cap-and-trade. The EDN has also advocated for liberal policies regulating carbon emissions like President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. The goals of the organization are concerning given that the EDN “works to broaden the definition of ‘environment’ to include all issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment.”

Of course, this kind of advocacy wouldn’t be possible without the help of big business. The EDN lists Wells Fargo, UPS and Toyota as corporate sponsors of this year’s Earth Day. These three companies have a history of supporting liberal environmental advocacy as all three have helped fund The Nature Conservancy, another advocate for cap-and-trade legislation. Furthermore, executives from companies like Proctor & Gamble rub shoulders with liberal environmentalists like Al Gore and John Podesta on the EDN’s Global Advocacy Committee.

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